Type week6: Modify Alphabets Poster

After last week’s critique, I got some feedback from my classmates. First, for the “cookies” poster, I decided to add some new designs to it. For example, I added some shadows under each line to make the text easier to read. The previous white background seemed monotonous for the whole poster, so I changed the background to a brown similar to the cookies. In addition, I also made a chocolate poster with my own font, and added a lot of materials related to it, making the poster more interesting.

For the second assignment, we need to use fonts made by other students in the class to design the poster. I chose the font of Weiwei Zhou because her dog pixel is cute, so I want to use “dog hair” to make a poster related to animals. Her font reminds me of movies related to dogs. I chose Hachi because its story is very touching and fresh in my memory. Like the previous design, I added some shadows behind the original font to make the font easier to read. In addition, I followed pixel’s Instagram account, so I used a few very cute pictures to make a cover for a dog magazine. I hope everyone will like my new poster.

Weiwei Zhou’s Fonts
Hachi’s Movie Poster
Pixel’s Magazine cover



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