Final Project for Sound Studio

Hi guys! This is Stacey Yao from the Integrated Digital Media Program at New York University. In this article, I will talk about my final project for my sound studio course. We need to create a final sound-based project, which can be a piece of software, hardware, music, an installation, or anything in between.

My main idea for this project was to create an interaction between music and coding. I had never learned anything about coding and sound-based, so this project was a huge challenge for me. But I wanted to do some visual design between sound and software.

First of all, the song I choose is my favorite Chinese song. When I was in middle school, there were no mobile phones or MP4s, and I still listened to music on a tape recorder. At that time, the first tape I bought in my life belonged to Jay Chou, a Chinese singer who was very popular at that time. Until now, he has been a very famous singer in China. So, I decided to use Garage Band to make his song “Sunny Day,” which is a very old Chinese song, but it’s still my favorite song.

The process of making a song out of Garage Band was a bit of a struggle for me, and I learned some basic skills online and then make this song in two days. Then, I figured out that using IPad is easier than a laptop, so here is my work on Garage Band:

Next step, I draw my sketch first and then using p5.js to create a sketch for the project. I got inspired by the Old record and old-fashioned televisions because this song was released in 2003.

Here is the link to my final sketch:



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